HealthWhat Dental Health Issues Senior People Experience?

What Dental Health Issues Senior People Experience?

Senior people experience many dental health problems. Chewing, drinking, and eating becomes a daunting task if you don’t take proper care of your teeth. Seniors experience the following dental health issues. Learn about them to avoid them as long as possible and have healthy teeth.

  • Darkened teeth:

People get darkened teeth due to changes in dentin. It is a bone-like tissue covered by enamel. People, who daily consume stain-causing foods, get darkened teeth. This habit not only causes tooth discoloration but also teeth sensitivity.

You should immediately reduce the consumption of stain-causing foods and beverages. Consume healthy foods to reduce wear and tear on the enamel layer. Suppose you are already experiencing teeth sensitivity, you should try Opalescence tooth sensitivity solutions. Thus, you can protect the dentin and keep your teeth strong. 

  • Reduced sense of taste:

Another effect of growing age is the reduced sense of taste. People suffer from many diseases throughout their life. They consume a variety of medications. Even dentures are considered responsible for this health problem.

You can prevent this issue if you start living a healthy lifestyle. Stay fit and healthy to reduce medication intake. Thus, you can taste delicious foods much longer!

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  • Dry mouth:

Cancer patients often experience dry mouth. It occurs due to the radiation used during the cancer treatment. Some other diseases, including Sjögren’s syndrome, can also cause this problem. You may experience it when taking certain medicines. It won’t be an issue with growing age if you workout daily and consume immunity-booster foods.

  • Gum disease:

Your chances of suffering from gum disease will be quite high if you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly. Avoid regular intake of foods, which get stuck in-between teeth. These remaining food particles feed germs, which can damage your gums seriously.

Other habits, such as eating excess sweets, chewing tobacco, and poor diets cause this oral health problem. It is preventable if you start following the perfect teeth cleaning routine from today!

  • Root decay:

Certain tooth decay-causing acids can also cause root decay. It happens when your teeth are regularly exposed to such acids. That’s why round lake dentist recommend patients avoid excess intake of citric fruits and acidic beverages. It damages the dental enamel and then affects the tooth root. You should immediately limit the use of sugary and acidic foods to prevent this problem.

  • Uneven jawbone:

If you have one or more missing teeth and you don’t replace them, you might get an uneven jawbone. The remaining teeth drift towards the gap and shift there to cover the open space. This issue doesn’t trouble you if you go to a dentist and replace the missing tooth.

  • Tooth loss:

People, who suffer from gum disease, often lose their teeth. Therefore, it is important to take good care of gums to avoid such issues with growing age. Go to your dentist if you have gum disease. Get a proper cure to treat the disease quickly and protect your teeth.

  • Thrush:

It is a fungal infection that can develop in your mouth. Certain drugs and diseases are responsible for this oral health issue. It can also spread in your throat and other organs if not treated in time. So, meet your doctor quickly if you experience the symptoms.

  • Denture-induced stomatitis:

Bad oral hygiene, poorly fitting dentures, and fungus buildup in the mouth can cause this problem. It causes inflammation in your mouth and that can be quite troubling. Meet your dentist to diagnose this problem quickly and cure it as soon as possible.

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Final thoughts:

It becomes quite daunting to avoid oral health issues with the growing age. Elderly people experience many dental and oral health issues. Those issues are preventable if the person follows a perfect oral hygiene routine.

A regular dental checkup is also important to avoid the mentioned oral health issues. Your dentist can prevent these diseases from causing serious troubles. So, never miss your dentist appointment!

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